How does FluxPort work with my smartphone?

Because this question occurs so often, we have set up a "how does it work " website. Here you can quickly find out how to charge your smartphone wirelessly with FluxPort. How does QI work?

iPhones (Lightning input)  - apart from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X - are not Qi-ready at the factory, so they can not charge directly to a FluxPort wirelessly. That's why they need to be equipped with FluxPort Cases.

With these two options, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly with a FluxPort:

Android Smartphone (Micro USB input)

For Android smartphones, there are several ways to charge wirelessly. More information can be found under  " How does it work? ". 

What is the Qi standard and how does it work? How do I pronounce Qi ?

The Qi standard is a universal standard such as Bluetooth or WIFI, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). FluxPort is a member of the WPC. This standard uses an inductive coupling between transmitter (FluxPort) and receiver (Fluxy or Smartphone). Put simply, energy is transferred from one coil to the other coil as soon as the coils are stacked. Thus, different mobile phones can use the same charging station.

Qi, pronounced "chi," is the Chinese word for "life energy."

How do I use FluxPort "out of home"?

FluxPorts are installed in cafes, restaurants, clubs or hotels - anywhere you spend more than 10 minutes with the ability to charge your smartphone. Hairdressers or car rental companies can offer the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service. This is FluxPort "out of home": As a FluxPort user, you do not have to carry your charging cable with you, but you can wirelessly charge your smartphone in the FluxPort location. There is also the FluxPort Coins App, which displays the next FluxPort location. You can find the FluxPort Coins app in the "Google Play Store". The IOS App will soon be available in the "Apple App Store".

If your favorite café or barber does not yet offer a FluPort Wireless Charging Serive, feel free to contact the staff or general manager on FluxPort. The faster we establish contact, the faster the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service can grow.

How do Fluxys work? 

Fluxys are adapters for smartphones that are not already Qi-enabled. The Fluxys are the "receivers" of energy sent by the FluxPort device. Some smartphones such. B. the iPhone need a Fluxy, since they do not like z. B the Samsung Galaxy S7 have integrated the Qi standard in the smartphone. Use the Fluxy to retrofit your smartphone.

The shape of the Fluxys is different. They can be installed in a smartphone case or offered as a foil. 


How does the FluxPort Coins app work and why should I download it? 

The FluxPort Coins app is your navigator, so you can find the nearest FluxPort location to use the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service. Using GPS, the FluxPort Coins app can find your location and shows you how far away the nearest FluxPort location is. But that's not all: for each recharge, you can earn points and exchange for cool rewards with the FluxPort Coins App. In addition, you'll optimize your battery usage with KI, stay up-to-date with the integrated news and can pass the time with fun games. 

The FluxPort Coins app is for anyone who suffers from battery problems and their smartphone z. B. want to charge while drinking coffee. You can find the FluxPort Coins app in the "Google Play Store". The iOS app will soon be available in the "Apple App Store".

How can I integrate FluxPort into my location (restaurant, café or hotel)?

FluxPort is the right partner for all location owners who want to offer their guests a special, unique and innovative service - the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service. Smartphones have become indispensable to many guests these days. Wireless Charging, like free WIFI, can increase the customer experience and retention time as an additional service. The integration of the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service is quite simple:

Contact us so that we can offer you the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service. Write us an E-Mail via the contact form or call us.  

The benefits of the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service are unique:

  • Your location will be added to the FluxPort app, which will make FluxPort Coins App users aware of you  
  • We publish a blog post about your FluxPort location that attracts the attention of blog readers
  • Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service and tell their friends about their experience with you. 
  • Your guests stay longer because they still want to charge their smartphone. This will increase your sales.
  • Use the FluxPort Coins app to inform your guests about your offers and build relationships with them.
  • Generic likes on social media like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram
  • You'll receive promotional material from us so you can easily bring your guests closer to the Wireless Charging Service. We support you in employee training so your guests can quickly and easily use the new service. 

Integration into your company / location:

The FluxPort service consists of an individual plan phase:

How to analyze the number of FluxPorts for each location individually. The analysis is based on several points such. Together we work out a plan, how many FluxPorts we install and at what time we want to install / can. Our experience helps us determine a reasonable number of devices with you.

If the power supply in your location is expanded, then it makes sense to use the FluxPort Table Editions. However, if the power supply is insufficient, we can also offer you mobile deployable FluxPort Accu devices.

Contact us so that we can help you to realize the FluxPort installation:  Contact

Is it normal for my smartphone to get warm when charging?

Yes, during wireless charging, the induction creates heat. However, this heat is completely normal and does not harm your battery or smartphone. At first it may seem strange, because wireless charging generates more heat than wired charging. 

How do I need to place my smartphone on a FluxPort?

The way you need to place your smartphone on a FluxPort differs depending on the smartphone, because the position of the receiver in the smartphone is installed in a different position depending on the manufacturer. Therefore: simply test. Usually the receiver is in the middle of your smartphone. Once the receiver is on the FluxPort, a beep will sound and your smartphone will start charging. 

In short, the receiver must be located on the FluxPort logo on the FluxPort Wireless Charger.

In the example below, the receiver is not built into the smartphone, the Fluxy Drop Adapter contains it. If the receiver is located on the FluxPort on the logo, the charging process begins.

Can the magnetic strip on my credit card be damaged by a FluxPort?

No, FluxPort devices can not damage your credit card's magnetic stripe.

Why not all smartphone manufacturers have installed the Qi standard?

We can not answer this question correctly. We can only speculate: 

  • The Qi technology is not used by some manufacturers, because the Qi technology is more expensive compared to the charging cable. Low-cost smartphone manufacturers then save on the QI standard.
  • Some smartphone manufacturers earn a lot by selling charging cables and do not want to miss out on this revenue.
  • Some smartphone manufacturers use metal backs for their smartphones. Metal does not work with Qi technology.

When does the Qi standard not work? What is the maximum distance between smartphone and FluxPort ?

Qi technology does not work if the distance between the smartphone and the FluxPort is too big (more than 10mm). The smartphone should be placed directly on the FluxPort for optimal charging. 

When buying a case, be aware that the case or your smartphone case does not contain metal and is not too thick (not larger than 10mm!).

If you notice the distance and the material, then your smartphone - if it supports the QI standard - should charge wirelessly.

How fast does the Qi standard load?

The Qi standard charges with an efficiency of 75-80%, which corresponds to about 700-800 mAh. So if you need 100 minutes to recharge your smartphone from 0-100% with your charging cable, you'll need about 120-125 minutes with a FluxPort Wireless Charger. 

Einige Smartphone können inzwischen mit dem Qi-Standard 1.2 (Quick Wireless Charging/ Fast Wireless Charging) aufladen. Mit dem Qi-Standard 1.2 können die Smartphones (sofern sie den QI-Standard 1.2 unterstützen) mit 1,500mAh aufgeladen werden. 

Der Smartphone-Verpackung kannst du entnehmen, ob dein Smartphone dem Qi-Standard oder Qi-Standard 1.2 entspricht. Falls du deine Smartphone-Verpackung nicht mehr hast, dann schau' gern HIER.

Schadet Wireless Charging meinem Akku oder Smartphone?

Nein, die Qi Wireless Charging Technologie schadet deinem Smartphone nicht. Im Gegenteil sogar, eine Smartphone-Batterie lebt länger, wenn sich der Akku-Status regelmäßiger zwischen 30 und 70 % bewegt. 

Wie viele FluxPorts sollte ich kaufen, damit ich kein Ladekabel mehr benötige?

We recommend that you own at least three FluxPorts. We assume that you have a FluxPort at home by your bed to recharge your battery overnight, use a FluxPort in the car and also set up a FluxPort in the office. This will give you a FluxPort to charge your smartphone wirelessly in all places you spend a long time, and you will not need a charging cable anymore. The more FluxPorts you have around you, the more you can do without your charging cable. Your entire environment that you can not influence (café, restaurant, hotel) is outfitted - we do our best to grow the FluxPort Wireless Charging Network as fast as possible.