Your location - now with wireless charging

WIFI has every location. Increase your customer service and become part of the nationwide FluxPort Wireless Charging Network.

Simply gain new guests through wireless charging

Offer your guests the opportunity to charge their smartphones for free and wirelessly.

Revenue from additional sales

By offering FluxPort Wireless Charging, you increase the rate of food and beverage sales. Longer stay = more sales.

Expand your audience

Every smartphone user has the same problem. Your location solves the problem. Strengthen your image with an innovative product and a unique service. 

The idea - wireless charging for venues

Charge anywhere where no power outlet is available or the charging cable is missing.

WIFI is standard, why not charging?

With the built-in FluxPort Tables smartphone users can conveniently load their device while drinking coffee.  

A new service idea

FluxPort in cafes, restaurants, hotels, at airports, in workspaces and at trade fairs: wireless charging is a win-win concept. 

Wireless charging service with advertising?

In Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg we are looking for locations for our FluxPorts with an advertising space. With this advertising, the installation for the restaurateur discounted / offered free. Write us an email with your location:

1. For which B2B partners and which locations are FluxPort Wireless Chargers suitable?

FluxPort Wireless Chargers are generally suitable for all locations where it is possible to charge your smartphone (wirelessly). We do not want to commit ourselves and pretend that we offer our service only in the location XY. Our goal is to expand our network and integrate as many venues as possible into our app. This gives our customer, the FluxPort user, the opportunity to charge their smartphone in multiple locations. The more places there are, the better our service becomes. Our experience has shown that the integration has successfully prevailed in the following locations: 

  • cafes
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • hotels
  • Fitness Clubs / Gym
  • Taxis
  • Excursion boats in the tourism area
  • clubs
  • universities
  • gas stations
  • Hairdressers / hairdressing salons / beauty salons

2. In addition, we also include B2B partners in our network, which come from the following sectors:

  • Furniture construction / furniture manufacturer
  • station operator
  • Sales / Retail

If you can not identify with the above points, but still believe that we can work together, then contact us through the contact form. We look forward to gaining new partners and new industries for the wireless charging network. 

3. What do the FluxPort Wireless Chargers look like?

For the "Out of Home" installation there are two different FluxPort Wireless Chargers, which agree especially for the catering industry:

  1. The FluxPort Table Steel Edition

The FluxPort Table Steel Edition is suitable for installation in the table. The FluxPort Table always needs a power source to charge a smartphone wirelessly. Once installed, the FluxPort Table Steel can no longer be rotated because the table is milled for installation. In addition, the FluxPort Table is not suitable for tables in the café garden, because you usually can not find a fixed power source there.

Benefits FluxPort Table Steel

+ Does not need to be charged overnight

+ Waterproof

+ Optically very high quality  

+ Theft not possible

+ Cheaper than FluxPort Accu Double

Disadvantages FluxPort Table Steel:

- The installation must be realized and takes some time (milling)

- A power source at the table must be available

- The location is determined once, the FluxPort is not mobile later

- Is not suitable for tables outside the location (eg on the terrace of a restaurant)

- No USB output


  1. The FluxPort Accu Double  

The FluxPort Accu Double is suitable for every table. Thanks to its 20,000 mAh battery, it does not need to be installed at the table and works without an active connection to a power source. Overnight, the Accu Double can then be charged, so he can charge the smartphone or tablet over the day.

Advantages FluxPort Accu Double:

+ Can be attached to any table (easy and fast implementation and adaptation of wireless charging in the location)

+ Provides a USB output

+ Can charge two smartphones at the same time

+ Optically very high quality

+ Can also be used for outdoor areas such as terraces etc.

Disadvantages FluxPort Accu Double:

- More expensive compared to the FluxPort Table Steel

- Must be charged overnight

- Theft is easier compared to the FluxPort Table Steel

- Not waterproof

4. What are the benefits of integrating FluxPort Wireless Charging Service?

FluxPort is the ideal way to offer your customers a special service. The use of smartphones is increasing from year to year, the smartphone is nowadays indispensable to your customers. Your customers are suffering from NoMoPhobie - the "No Mobile Phone" disease. However, the battery life of smartphones has not increased in recent years, not infrequently, WLAN, GPS and mobile data are simultaneously active - all this costs valuable battery life.

With the FluxPort Wireless Charging Service you offer your customers the opportunity to charge their smartphone wirelessly with you directly at the table. Your customers do not have to carry a charging cable, they do not have to ask the waiter for a charging cable or look for a dusty outlet in the corner.

The FluxPort app also gives you a new way to promote your location and attract new guests and customers. With FluxPort Wireless Charging, the location brings a whole new level of added value that others do not - stand out from the others.

All advantages at a glance:

+ Customers stay longer in your location because they charge their smartphone

+ The longer customers stay, the more revenue you generate

+ Your service quality is increasing because you are surprising your customers with the new service

+ Customers remember you because you offer them something new. Just take off your competitors.

+ Through FluxPort marketing you can strengthen your customer loyalty (Facebook, Instagram Likes)

+ Increase your reachability and visibility for your customers by adding them to the FluxPort Coins app. 

+ Make it easier for your customers to charge their smartphone and let your waiters focus on their work - guest hosting and care  

+ Strengthen your public image with an innovative product and service idea

+ Get free promotional material from us so you can better explain and explain the service to your customers

+ Create "dead" places in the corners of a cafe to an attractive place


+ Receive revenue by selling FluxPort Home / Car / Office products to generate more revenue

5. How many FluxPorts are suitable for my location?

This question must always be clarified individually, because many factors play a role:

  • How many tables does the location have?
  • How many seats are there at the tables?
  • For which age group is the location suitable (young people are more often on the smartphone than older people)?
  • How many "dead" corners are there in the location that can be made attractive with FluxPorts?
  • Are there any places that are set up in summer in good weather?

Together, we can help you determine how many FluxPort Wireless Chargers are appropriate for your location. 

FluxPorts with analog advertising space for the location

In the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich we are looking for locations to install the FluxPort Tables for free in the catering industry.

  • The FluxPorts get an advertising sticker on the surface, which is exchanged monthly
  • With this advertising, the installation for the restaurateur is offered free of charge
  • If you are interested in the FluxPort Network offer, send us an email to with photos of your location or your website