The idea - wireless charging for smartphone users

Our goal with FluxPort is to change the way you charge.

Charging cable? What for? Never again cables

Charge the battery wirelessly with the FluxPort Home Series. At the bedside table or in the living room.  

In the car while driving

Many automakers now offer wireless charging as standard. With the FluxPort Car products, wireless charging can be retrofitted in the car to conveniently charge the smartphone while driving.

In the office or in the meeting

Everyone in the office regularly encounters the same problem, a looming empty battery. A FluxPort in the workplace provides the necessary energy for all calls, mails and messages. And the colleagues become jealous.

The idea - wireless charging for venues

Charge anywhere where no power outlet is available or the charging cable is missing.

Wifi is standard, why not charging?

With the built-in FluxPort Tables, everyone can comfortably load their smartphones while drinking coffee.

A new service idea

FluxPort in cafes, restaurants, hotels, at airports, in workspaces and at trade fairs. Wireless charging is a win-win concept.  

With the app for Wireless Charging Location

The app shows the next FluxPort location and what offers there are in the area.