As a founder and employee of a start-up, one knows how much the belief in the own product and support of the customers, partners and the network inspires. FluxPort is now transferring this belief in the ability and result of a lot of training and hard work to an outstanding talent: FluxPort is now supporting racer Ayhancan Güven as a sponsor. 

Ayhancan was born in 1998 and is one of the youngest professional racing drivers in motorsport. Growing up in Istanbul with the racing blood of his father, Ayhancan has been racing tires since the age of four. After the first steps via race simulations and go-kart Ayhancan won numerous races across all age categories. He currently drives in the Porsche Carrera Cup Championship and is the best driver in his age group. 

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Ayhancan Güven Racing Driver

FluxPort sponsors racing driver Ayhancan Güven

Always a full battery, always the necessary energy: FluxPorts are ready in the team for the team.

Racing Technique with FluxPort Wireless Charging

A FluxPort Accu Double with Fluxy Drop Adapter in the technical room.