Wireless charging - the wireless charging of smartphones  - has recently been offered in cars. The technology is developing. Although many car makers offer the technology, but not all smartphones can charge wirelessly . For example, the iPhone is not capable of wireless charging, it must first be equipped with a FluxPort Wireless Charging Case  or FluxPort Wireless Charging Sticker  so it can charge wirelessly in the car or on the road at FluxPort Locations.

The following car manufacturers already offer wireless charging in the car: 

BMW, Audi, Seat, VW, Jeep, Skoda, Mercedes Benz, SsangYong, Nissan, GMC, Chevrolet, Lexus, Cadillac and Toyota.

However, the technology is not built into every model of the manufacturer, usually more in the higher quality models, the BMW, for example, in the 7 Series. Here the car manufacturer Seat shows in an advertising video how wireless charging works in the carYouTube Link to the promotional video of Seat . Note the "Connectivity Box" from 2:00 minutes to 2:15.

However, this is no cause for sadness, because with the FluxPort Car products  , anyone can equip their car with a wireless charging station in the car - quite simple and significantly cheaper than the car manufacturers offer it. For selection, FluxPort offers three different wireless charging stations for the car

FluxPort Car Mount Unboxing Video

FluxPort Car Mount - with non-slip nano pad

Der FluxPort Car Mount, ein Wireless Charger für das Auto mit dem gewissen Etwas. Der FluxPort Car Mount passt nicht in jedes Auto, weil ein Zigaretten-Anzünder in mittlerer Lage auf der Mittelkonsole gegeben sein muss, um auch Strom für den FluxPort Car Mount zu bekommen. Doch passt der FluxPort Car Mount einmal zu deinem Auto, dann wirst du ihn lieben. Denn jedes Smartphone, egal ob groß oder klein passt auf den FluxPort Car Mount. Hier brauchst du dein Smartphone nur auf die FluxPort Car Mount Fläche legen, damit es lädt. Wie das funktioniert? Durch ein spezielles Nano Pad genügt es, wenn du dein Smartphone nur auf den FluxPort Car Mount legst, damit es lädt. Das Nano Pad hält dein Smartphone dann sicher dank der neuesten Technologie.

FluxPort Car Cup Unboxing Video YouTube

FluxPort Car Cup - passt in jeden Becherhalter

Der FluxPort Car Cup - dieser gehört zu den beliebtesten FluxPort-Produkten, da das Design gefällt und der FluxPort Car Cup in jeden Becherhalter passt. Aber aufgepasst, der FluxPort Car Cup funktioniert nur mit Smartphones, die kleiner als 5 Zoll sind. Zusätzlich bietet der FluxPort Car Cup auch einen USB-Ausgang, mit dem ihr zum Beispiel ein Tablet aufladen könnt. 

FluxPort Car Hug Unboxing Video YouTube

FluxPort Car Hug - für alle, die ihr Smartphone zum Navigieren nutzen

The FluxPort Car Hug  - this wireless charger for the car is an absolute all-rounder. Because the pages are each size-adjustable, every smartphone fits into this Wireless Charger. There are also three different attachments that allow the FluxPort Car Hug  to be glued to the window, attached to the air conditioner or mounted to a smooth spot on the car. The FluxPort Car Hug is suitable for anyone who often changes their smartphone and likes to use the smartphone for navigation.

The FluxPort Wireless Charging products have convinced you? Then you can order your FluxPort here .