The rumors are condensing:

The latest leaks show wireless charging in the iPhone 8


Apple had already joined the Wireless Power Consortium in February , an industry group that is developing a widely used wireless charging standard. This has confirmed the rumor mill, Apple equips the upcoming iPhone generation with a wireless charging function , as they have numerous flagship smartphones of the competition for some time.




The Qi charging standard , which ensures interoperability between different products and brands that support wireless charging, is already a common standard already integrated on devices such as Samsung, LG, Google Smartphones. Many car brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes or Kia already use the Qi standard .


With FluxPort we offer the Qi standard since 2014 in various forms. Whether at home, in the car, in the office or in one of the many FluxPort locations. Starbucks Coffee , Lufthansa or the Coffee Fellows Shops are FluxPort Locations. The standard prevails. When using a Qi charger, the user just drops his device on the compatible cargo area and it charges without plugging a cable.


Although Apple's iPhone 7 , unlike many of its smartphone competitors, does not use wireless charging, the Apple Watch has a proprietary wireless charging pad for charging . However, this is not compatible with other Qi chargers.


Despite Apple's preference for secrecy, it often comes to important industry groups memberships. It is rumored that wireless charging is already expected in the next model of the iPhone. A yesterday's leak design has fueled this rumor mill again.


The new leak comes from Benjamin Geskin, a Twitter Leak expert with a solid track record that delivered reliable leaks in the past.



In a tweet, he shows a picture claiming to be a scheme for the back of the iPhone 8, and it again shows a round surface that can be just about the coil for a wireless charging system. A thin, flat, circular coil speaks for inductive charging, just like the existing Qi charging features in most modern Android phones.


It is also possible, of course, that Apple makes the wireless induction charge more efficient, faster or maybe it works from a further distance. But it is unlikely to take a big step without the coil inserted. Of course, it is always possible that the fake drawing is fake, and there is no wireless charge at all.

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