New trend coming: PC monitors with integrated QI charging station for the workplace or at home.

Samsung introduced the first monitors with integrated QI charging stations in 2015 . The 20-inch monitors have an integrated charging station for smartphones in their base , which allows the user to charge the smartphone wirelessly while working, thus saving the search for a plug. Another advantage of the Samsung monitors is that you always have a full battery if you also use the QI charging station.

Just a few days ago at CES 2017 , two more PC monitors were introduced, which also have an integrated QI charging station for smartphones: the new Asus Designo Monitor and the new HP Envy Curved . The Asus Designo is 37.5 inches and offers its users wireless charging on the monitor stand. HP has given it a whole new design in its all-in-one PC Envy Curved AiO 34. The PC monitor has a wide base with built-in speakers and a QI-enabled wireless charging station for smartphones.

Which smartphones can be charged on the Asus PC monitor and on the HP Envy Curved ?

All smartphones that are QI-enabled or can be upgraded with a QI-enabled product. With the FluxPort Fluxy products you can retrofit almost all smartphones and enjoy the wireless charging to the fullest.

Picture source: Samsung and Asus