After Berlin, now also in London: with FluxPort as one of the main sponsors of the event, participants of the  NOAH Conference can  wirelessly charge their mobile phones. The Business Internet Conference will take place on 12 and 13 November 2015 in London. More than 2,000 participants are expected, including more than 300 investors. The event provides a platform for media, investors, established businesses and startups with over 120 lectures and workshops.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, opened the NOAH Conference in Berlin in June of this year - one of the most exclusive and high-caliber European Internet conferences of our time - "Everything that can be digitalized, will be." At the second NOAH Conference this year, hosted in London, CEOs and C + level managers from established companies and investors will once again meet with founders to discuss new digital business models together. With the idea and the will to recharge smartphones without power outlets, the Berlin engineers from FluxPort will be represented in London. As one of the 53 main sponsors, FluxPort supports the NOAH Conference as a central meeting place for the new digital entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to two extremely exciting days in London!

More about Wireless Charging at events can be found here in this post .  

Watch Trailer NOAH Internet Conference 2015

Here you can watch the official NOAH Conference 2015 Trailer.